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Wherein our protagonist flies to Thailand to get a brand new cunt

Spider Teeth is not only about the author’s surgery, but also what led up to it, the difficulty of tucking and sex, the reality of needing surgery while poor and accepting money from a significant other to access a life-saving procedure that would remain out of reach for most trans women. ellie also describes, in detail, the entire process of surgery: from flying halfway around the world to Thailand, to being prepped, to waking up and making her way through the first hours and days of recovery in the hospital, messy and painful and sometimes alarming and frightening.

The zine fills in many small details of the experience, and obstacles expected and unexpected are discussed. Along the way, ellie shares her thoughts and doubts, from whether this surgery is the one she wants, to not “connecting” with new body parts right away. At the beginning of the zine, ellie writes, “How do I write about ‘the surgery’ in a way that feels honest?” That sense of striving for honesty is present throughout the zine, integrating ellie’s concerns with how her narrative interacts with larger narratives on gender, bodies, and trans trajectories. What emerges is real and honest in its individuality.

Content warning: Graphic written content on the surgery and post-surgery experience

98 p./half size/Black and white with colored ribbon binding


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