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Distro downsizing

Hi there! AC has distributed queer, trans, feminist, anarchist and punk zines for 8 years. At this time, due to personal reasons and time constraints, I’ve decided to downsize the distro. Grab bags and a rotating selection of zines will continue to be available. Thank you for your support! Read on for more info.

I have posted extensively about this topic on my tumblr, so please head over there to learn more!

Consignees and wholesalers, you will recieve the full measure of payment for your zines and they will be sent out either as they are rotated through the inventory or in curated queer/trans/feminist zine grab bags. If you have any questions, please get in touch! I have sent emails to many of you already, but if you have not received an email, please let me know so I can get the information to you.

The current browsing system (browsing by category) is not ideal for lower inventory, and it will be supplemented by a listing of all available zines.

Thanks again for your support, kind words via Tumblr, and orders. I invite you to check out my new housewares and art box store, The Alchemist’s Castle on Etsy.

Zeraph Dylan


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