vol up 2 magazineTo make a larger selection of zines available, Alchemist’s Closet also posts links to ezines, including e-magazines (like Holy Titclamps) and paper zines that have been archived.

Recently, there have been some changes with major zine archivers. These changes may break our links. You can report broken links here.

The list includes archived zines from R-Massive Media and Queer Zine Archive Project.

E-zines and Archived Zines

A Crime Called Freedom
A Love Letter to an Anonymous Stone Thrower
Albatross #1
Body Hammer: Tactics and Defense for the Modern Protester
Challenging the Mainstream Gay Agenda
Daily Disrespects and Direct Actions
Don't Leave Your Friends Behind
Every Body Is A Modified Body
Fuck My Life is Perfect
Gay Shame Opposes Marriage in Any Form
Holy Titclamps
How to Fire the Boss
Militant Flamboyance
Out of Order: Queer and Trans Youth Resistance!
Out of the Closets & Into the Libraries
Pink and Black Attack #3
Pop Now
Rise, Fall, Repeat
Sunshines Underground 4
Talk to the Scarf
The Looking Glass #1
The Looking Glass #2
The Transgender Herb Garden
Tim Tum: A Trans Jew Zine
Vol Up 2 - Body Positive Fashion Photography
White Trash Chronicles 15
White Trash Chronicles 7
White Trash Chronicles 8